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Dragonwings By Laurence Yep The story Dragonwings was taken place in the early 1900's. It is about a boy named Moon Shadow. He lives with his mom and grandmother in the Middle Kingdom (China). Moon Shadow's father lives in San Francisco working in a laundry business. He works with Hand Clap, White Deer, Lefty, Uncle Brightstar, and Uncle's son named Black Dog. Moon Shadow does not know much about his father. All he knows about his father is he is a great kite maker and is very smart. The only way Moon Shadow talks with his father is the family writes letters back and forth.

One day Moon Shadow get's a letter from his father, saying that it was time for him to come to America and help make money for the family. Moon Shadow was happy about this, but his family was not. Hand Clap comes to pick him up on a sailing ship.

The whole time over all Moon Shadow was thinking about was the Golden Mountains. They had to wait awhile till arrived. When they got their Moon Shadow met the company and finally got to meet his father Windrider. He also discovered there was no Golden Mountain and he was very disappointed. The whole company lives in a building downtown. On the way there Moon Shadow looks at the different building's. Windrider and Moon Shadow spend quality time together and get to know each other.

Black Dog arrives at the welcome party for Moon Shadow. He is Uncle Brightstars son. Black Dog is not a good person he is dishonest and takes opium. Windrider takes Moon Shadow up to his room and shows him different things in the building. Moon Shadow asked his father how he got his name Windrider. His father told him a story...