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Dragonwings By: Laurence Yep An eight year old Chinese boy, Moon Shadow, and soon got another name which was Windrider. He lived with his mother for all his life and is going to live with his dad in America in the early 1900's. When Moon Shadow lived in China, he knew only one thing about his father. His mom never talked about him. When Moon Shadow asked about his father, all his mom said was he loved kites. Moon Shadow's father had made special kites before he left, but Moon Shadow couldn't get the special kite until he was 12. Moon shadow only used the nonspecial kites. Moon Shadow's uncle came to China from America because some people after five years are aloud to go back to China for a year. When Moon Shadow went to America on the long boat ride with Hand Clap, Moon Shadow's uncle. Moon Shadow arrived and didn't know which one was his father.

Hand Clap pointed out his father and a man named Uncle Bright Star. Moon Shadow then got his new name of Windrider. Windrider had never seen houses that had no ornamentation like the ones the demons(Americans)lived in. He thought that the demons didn't like the fresh air. The houses the Chinese lived in had colors, windows, and doors. Windrider had to learn a new language, live with new people, and learn which mountain was the golden mountain. The golden mountain is a mountain that turns gold when it's a really sunny. "The mountain had never turned gold before,"� Windrider's father had told Windrider. Windrider had grown close to his father. His father had had dreams of making a flying machine. Windrider and his father realized their dream, to have Dragonwings glide through the air. They had this...