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Vy Ly

Mr. Chambers

English IV

2 September 2014

Achieving My Future Life Targets

Every single person in the world always has their different dreams. Some want to be an engineer when they grow up, but the others wants to be lawyers. Not everyone can make their dreams come true. In facts, dreams are the lifetime goals that make people try their best every day to be successful. In the same way, people dream of having a better life, and make their country grow up.

A long time ago, when I was a child, my dad often asked me: "What do you want to be in the future?"

"I want to be a pharmacist in the future." I said.

"It's a beautiful dream. Pharmacist can save people' live, or at least they can help people who were sick to be better. Dreaming doesn't cost money. Just dream and you can do it."

He said with an encouraging voice. Since that day, I have been exerted all one's strength to be reached with my goals.

That beautiful memory has followed me until now. In fact, the pharmacists seem like a new product, which is created from some elements. As same as the huge elements are moving surround, then all of them will combine to produce a new product. This is one reason that studying hard in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics is absolutely important to me, and I am also studying hard day by day as much as I can to possible to reach my lifetime goals. In addition, I also volunteer for some programs such as helping poor children and elders get out of the fears when they got serious sicknesses, or sharing and corporate with the patients to understand what they need while they was...