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We are judged, theres no question about that this generation of kids are judged. The "older" generation of what we kids like to call "adults" get one impression on how it is we will act, so the first thing they do is give us a label or judgment. Weather it be smart, stupid, immature, mature. Whatever the comment or content of the comment we don't deserve any of it. We are trying as hard as we can just to make you proud of us. Like us who we are not for anyone else make us out to be. Don't let first impressions throw you off, because the person you are judging may be the most amazing person you have ever met. Give everyone you know just one chance to prove they deserve your friendship.

Life's not easy, we all have our up's and down's, but the day the down's hit close to home it put each and every one of us in denial, confusion and far most scared to enter the only place we've ever really felt safe.

Columbine will always be remembered forever. To only imagine how it would feel living your life in fear and regret overtime you turn the conner, being afraid of loosing someone you love. Living your life shouldn't be considered taking a risk, taking risks should be apart of living your life. Life shouldn't consist of guns, violence and racism. We shall not be conveyed in a world that cries tears of pain and sadness, but in a world that excepts you for who you are and not something they want you to be. Everymoring when I wake up I say to myself "id rather be liked for who I am then hated for someone I'm not." One day we will ALL live in a world not full of hatred and sorrow, but peacefulness and positive conceptions. We need to support eachother in everything we do, no matter if it be love related or work related we will always stand by eachother. We need to respect eachother for what we do and how we are not for what we want. Some people may judge others for being handicapped or disabled, but just because their different doesn't mean anything, because as they have grown as history has shown its their difference that makes them unique. We shall stand with eachother through thickness and thin, through happiness and sorrow tell death to us part.