Dylan Thomas/Robert Frost:

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This essay is about Dylan Thomas and Robert Frost. It gives a discussion on the background of the two poets and compares and contrasts the styles of writing of the two poets.

Dylan Thomas/ Robert Frost:

Many poets create many different styles of poetry. Some poetry is enlightening and some poetry is dark and gloomy. Often, poets write about their own personal experiences. For many, that's the only way that they can express themselves. For Dylan Thomas and Robert Frost, this is the case. The lives these poets have lived and vivid styles of languages have contributed to their poems, which makes it easy to compare and contrast the two. As you will see, the poetry by Robert Frost takes on a more traditional role while the poetry of Dylan Thomas has a more modernist style.

Robert Frost and Dylan Thomas were both contemporary poets during a time when poetry was a popular form of expression.

The audience or readers of this time wanted lots of emotion and quality imagery when it came to poetry. Nature and man proved to be the best way to convey these ideas and images.

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California, on March 26 1874. He was the son of William Prescott Frost and Isabelle Moodie Frost. Frost's dad died in 1885 causing the family to return to Lawrence, Mass., where his grandparents lived. This is also the place where Frost grew up throughout his high school years. He had only attended Dartmouth College for barely a year when he left to work in a textile mill in Lawrence. It was then that he married Elinor White, his high school classmate. A couple years later Frost went to Derry, N.H. to become a chicken farmer. This is the place where...