Dysfunction Bunch A Comparison Between "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and Why I Loive at the P.O."

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Kimberly Hong

Professor Wall

English 1102

21 September 2013

Dysfunctional Bunch

In the two stories the "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" and "Why I Live at the P.O." have in common would be the theme, which is family dysfunction. Each family member from each short story is different from one another, but yet they have some things in common at the same time. For example, first it would be the grandmother and Stella-Rondo by their selfishness. Second, it would be how easily annoyed Bailey and Sister would get. The third example would be how the misfit and Sister hated their life at the moment. The last example would be how hard headed Bailey and Papa-Daddy are.

The main character in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" is the grandmother. She is the type of person who feels like the superior one in the family.

Stella-Ronado feels the exact same way. Another thing they both shared would be their selfishness. For example, Grandmother asks for the misfit to spare her life "'You wouldn't shoot a lady would you?'" (0'Connor,550) but never asks the misfits to spare the life of her children. Also, when the misfit was taking the family back into the woods, the grandmother never once asked the misfit to not bring them back there. For Stella-Rondo after her divorced, she expects attention and sympathy from her family. Stella-Rondo intentionally tries to turn everyone in her family against sister. An example would be when Stella tells Papa-Daddy "'Papa-Daddy, Sister says she fails to understand why don't you cut off your beard.'" knowing that he loves his beard, and has been growing it since he was fifteen. (Welty,837) The difference between those two characters would be that Grandmother was the religious type. "She...