The Effects Of Divorce On Children

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In today's society, where nothing ever seems to last, many marriages often find themselves facing serious, as well as, stressful marital issues such as divorce. Divorce is often a result of many marital conflicts and often involves not only the couple itself but also the children of the marriage. Due to the serious nature and emotional turmoil concerning divorce, the results are often extremely damaging on the child/children of the broken marriage. Many problems arise involving the children's mental health. Children often suffer from intense traumatic stress, a long list of psychological problems, lowered academic achievement and behavioral problems, and inability to form strong social bonds and relationships. All of which add to the long-term effects of the children's mental and emotional well being.

For obvious reasons, children see divorce as something extremely stressful and traumatic and are often confused and concerned about their own security. In a 1988 survey by professor Jeanne Dise-Lewis, 700 junior high school students, asked to rate a number of life events in terms of stressfulness, ranked parental divorce as the most stressful, aside from the death of a parent or close family member.

Though many parents believe that divorce is the best solution for both themselves and the children, the children would rather have their parents stay in a dysfunctional marriage than get divorced. Contrary to popular beliefs, the alternatives to most divorces is not life in a war zone. Though more than 50 percent of all marriages currently end in divorce, experts say that only about 15 percent of all unions involve high levels of conflict. In fact most marriages dissolve due to the quest for greener grass (extra-marital affairs).

Divorce leads to intense traumatic stress of the child and leads to heavy worries and fears. Children often question things like "What if...