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Electronics In SchoolIt is the second to last period of school and the secretary just announced over the PA that all after school activities have been cancelled. However, a student had told his parents that he needed a ride to the away basketball game later that day. He's in the middle of a math test so he wouldn't be able to leave to call his parents at the office, he would risk being late to the next class if he calls after the period because there would be a whole line of students wanting to call, and he can't call after school because his parents would already be on their way. Wouldn't be great if he could just take out a cell phone and make the quick call between class periods? The school has an electronics policy that bans cell phones during school, and the phone would be confiscated if he was caught using it.

Although cell phones are a distraction when they ring during class, students still have legit use for them during lunches and between periods.

Imagine a situation where a teacher is deep into a lecture in the middle of class. Just as he is discussing the main point of the new chapter, a cell phone rings from across the room. A funky 80's pop ring tone disrupts the entire class and all focus is lost. The teacher will have to stop class, confiscate the phone, and continue the lecture; wasting valuable time and education. Not only are cell phones disruptive, but it has been found that students are using them as cheating devices. With the use of text messaging and picture taking, students can send and receive messages and pictures during tests (Meer, Should we ban cell phones in school?). Cell phones, pagers, and beepers have...