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In "Pygmalion" by Shaw, Eliza does change in the play. Eliza 's view of marriage changes from the beginning through to the end. Her Self-confident does change, which makes she has become a much stronger person. In the beginning of the play, Eliza doesn't like Mr. Higgins but in the end this also changes.

As the story progresses, Eliza changes her view of marriage as she changes her view of herself. "Whood marry me?"(24) Eliza wonders. She thinks of herself as only a flower girl; nobody will marry her or even like her. "Freddy Hill writes to me twice and three times a day, sheets and sheets." (96) Eliza told Higgins. When Higgins wants her to stop encourage Freddy. Eliza says, "He does love me and every girl has a right to be loved." (97) In the short period of time, she marries Freddy and also opens the flower shop with Freddy.

Self-confident changes making Eliza become a stronger person. "I want to be a lady in the flower shop."(20) She requests that Higgins teach her to speak proper English. Couple mouths after she has been picked off the kerbstone, Higgins tells his mother that, " She's had to learn a complete new language, she talks English almost like as you talk French." (49) Eliza has no longer willing to let Higgins bully her and treat her as a "common flower girl." (49) She is more Realizing of her own value and has more confidence than before.

Eliza does change to like Higgins by the end of the play. "Youre a great bully, you are."(27) Eliza said to Higgins. When Higgins hurts her feelings with his impatience, Eliza first hates him. As the story progresses, she finds out that she cares about him more and more. "You don't...