Employee Testing Analysis

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Would you like to increase accomplishments, boost employee stability, and forester a more upbeat work environment? Employee assessment tools could help generate constructive feedback, acknowledge successful behavior patterns, and offer guidance for personalized advancement planning. However, these assessments are only as good as the accuracy of the substance, clearness and simplicity of the response, the level of preparation, continuous development reinforcement, and the capability to increase accomplishments. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast 3 different types of employee assessments used in organizations today. During this compare and contrast the objective is to answer the following: advantages and disadvantages; reliability and validity; ethical considerations; and diversity considerations.

Make every new hire a success story by pre employment testing to determine an individual's job aptitude. Pre employment testing is used to determine if a potential new hire possesses the body of knowledge required to fulfill a position's job requirements.

"Job aptitude tests go further than the interview and can take some of the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to recruiting new workers, hiring those workers and retaining them, too (Schulz, 2009)." Most organizations today provide pre employment test for a variety of positions to leverage the advantages gained by pre employment testing. "Testing can also provide insight into talent and abilities and open up your eyes to potential management material (Schulz, 2009)." However, pre employment testing can be costly to administer because pre employment testing may require more labor to keep standardized overtime. Especially in industries, such as: information technology, finance accounting and construction, where pre employment test must adapt to new industry standards requiring continuous changes and updates. Another disadvantage could be overlooking a potential hire's personality. Team dynamics play a big role in organizational accomplishments and conflicting personality types can dampen progress in...