The End

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Despite the fact that the Princess was holding her right hand up the princess's lover was contemplating on the decision that he would make.

On one hand the Princess's lover had seen that the princess had a tiger emblem on her right shoulder, and also he knew that the Princess despised the women behind the opposite door as the tiger.

On the other hand the Princess and her lover had been in love and if that love were true than the princess would not want him to die, she would want him to be alive so when she became the Queen she could kill the woman and then marry the man.

As the Princess's lover was on his way to the doors he knew that the fate of his life was depending on this one decision. The princess's lover decided that he could not choose so instead he did not go to either door, so instead after hesitation he sat down because he knew that this would ruin the king's and the people's entertainment for the night.

At the sight of this the King was furious, he sent his men to retrieve the Princess's lover.

"What is your name" the King exclaimed.

"My name is Garth VanHoiven" said the man.

"Well then Garth, tomorrow there will be a different show in the arena, you will be forced to provide my people with entertainment.

The next day Garth was brought to the arena, he stood in the center thinking he would be told to choose a door but then suddenly the left door opened and out came a tiger. As the tiger ran toward Garth he was horrified, the tiger slowly ate him starting at the feet and ending with the head. The king thought this to be the most painful way of death.