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Ender's Game 7th Grade, Kittredge School Matthew Aaron Ms. Emily Evison Chandler Vitlin Ender Wiggin is a six year-old from Greensboro, United States of America, and he is also not your average kid. When Ender was three, the IF implanted a monitor that connected directly with his brain. That meant that everything that Ender saw, heard, touched, thought, felt, etc., was recorded onto disks. The purpose of doing this was to try to find the children who would be perfectly suited to the life of a soldier, so that they could be sent off to Battle School were they would be trained as soldiers.

The reason that they needed to train soldiers at that young of an age was because of the buggers. The buggers were an alien race that tried to invade the earth two times, in the First and Second Invasions. Both times, the buggers had almost won, except that in the first Invasion, the buggers made stupid mistakes.

In the second Invasion, the forces of Earth won by a mixture of sheer luck and skill. A general named Mazer Rackham won the day by destroying the bugger's queen's ship. After that, the whole of the bugger fleet died instantaneously. IF waited three whole hours, in which nothing happened, and then they boarded the ships, only to find that the buggers were all dead at their posts.

Ender had his monitor taken out when he was six and three-quarters years old. He was then tested on what he would do once the monitor had been taken out. He was attacked by a bully named Stilson, and was able to take him down. Then, to end all further battles between them, Ender decided to beat Stilson until he wouldn't bully Ender anymore. The reasons that he gave for doing...