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Entropy When I woke up that Saturday morning, I knew something would go wrong. I was planning a trip to San Antonio with my best friend, Elizabeth. First, my car wouldn't start. When we finally got the car started, we noticed that the air conditioner was not working, This is a major problem, especially if you live in Texas. We decided to keep going and to just roll the windows down to get some fresh air. Not even ten minutes after doing so, it began to rain. This did not slow us down at all. When we finally arrived in San Antonio, sweaty and exhausted, we stopped at a nearby gas station to fuel up. When we came back from paying, we noticed that the car ahead of us had backed out into my car, and in return left a huge indention in my front bumper. Furious and outraged, I sat in my car to think.

After all that had happened, I was still planning to have a good time. I had drove three hours to get there, and I was determined to make it an enjoyable weekend for my friend and I. That's when I realized that all these awful things happened for a reason. It is my belief that entropy is not only a test of character, but also a sign from God. God places entropy in our lives to make us stronger individuals and to test our reactions. Handling the smaller problems in our lives with control helps us to tackle the bigger ones in the same manner. Without these obstacles or struggles in our lives, most of us would not be the strong, courageous people we are today.

Entropy, as defined by Funk & Wagnall's desk dictionary, is the irreversible tendency of a system toward increasing disorder. Saying that entropy is a state of chaotic randomness where everything seems to go wrong can shorten this. In the short story, "Entropy"�, by KC Cole, the author refers to entropy as the arrow of time. Cole goes on to say, "With every increase in entropy energy is wasted and opportunity is lost."� I disagree with this statement because I believe that as entropy increases, so does the ability to cope and the ability to deal with the problems we face each and every day. What would we learn if everything came so easy to us all the time? Nothing. The author also refers to entropy as "depressing."� This statement I find appalling. If we did not have entropy, we would all lead very boring lives. Entropy keeps us on our toes. Entropy is the reason why people lock their front doors, and the reason why they have loaded guns in their nightstands. It's the reason why we have pepper spray in our purses, and security cameras in parking lots. It keeps us cautious. It seems to bring excitement to our lives because we never know what is in store for us. It's like living in a suspenseful movie.

I can, however, agree with the author in saying that there are so many more paths towards disorder than there are to order. Many easy routes to choose from in a difficult situation, that we get lazy. We often choose that easy way out, not thinking about the consequences, and not thinking about what would be the most beneficial to us in the long run. Sometimes the simplest way out is also the most destructive.

I can successfully conclude this essay in saying that entropy is not as bad as most people think it is. Without it, no one could possibly lead an exciting and eventful life. Entropy impacts the way we are and the way we act, and without it we would not be the strong, independent individuals we are today.