This is an essay based on the novel "Bless Me Ultima." The essay overveiws all of Antonio's dreams throughout the novel. This essay is 4-pages long (double-spaced)

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Antonio's Dreams

Through out the novel, Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio has ten dreams that unconsciously helps him understand answers to many of his questions. Without these dreams, Antonio would be lost in the world that surrounds him. When Antonio meets Ultima, he dreams of her owl as being the Saint of the land. Although most people think of the owl as being associated with dark evil witches, this was a unique owl. This Owl represented the soul of Ultima.

Ultima's arrival signifies the start of a new period in Antonio's life. Ultima teaches him many things about the earth's powers. He would harvest many herbs, learning that you have to tell the herbs why they are being harvested. Ultima would help Antonio out when he would become frightened. She plays a significant role in Antonio's thoughts and dreams. She helps him understand differences between god and the power of the land.

In Antonio's second dream, he saw his brothers calling upon him to save them. Since Ultima came along and gave him a spiritual relationship with nature, he uses the power of the river and earth, rather then the power of god to save his brothers. This confuses Antonio because know, he does not know what to believe in. He wants to become a priest in the Catholic Church, but he seems drawn to the new earthly god, as we will see with the golden carp.

Antonio is really dedicated to keeping his innocence. In his 3rd dream of the novel, he becomes concerned with the souls of his brothers getting doomed to eternal domination. His 4th dream shows his brothers coming home. He saw his brothers dark-figures on the crest of the horizon moving homeward. Antonio gets excited, pops out of bed and runs to the door.