This essay is about how Crabbe is not nearly as prepared as he thinks he is for his escape into the wilderness.

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Crabbe makes many mistakes during his stay in the outdoors that reveal how ill-prepared he is for his escape. One mistake that Crabbe did before he left for his adventure

was to not bring a lifejacket. If he brought a lifejacket then he might not be as afraid to canoe in the water. Another mistake Crabbe makes was leaving his food pack on the ground near the tent. If he had put it up a tree away from his tent, the bear wouldn't have bothered him. Crabbe also shouldn't have shrieked or moved because then the bear wouldn't have leapt at him. Crabbe should have noticed the strange animal droppings, almost like cow-flops, all over the place. Here is a quote from Crabbe after the bear attacked him: "When I got to my hands and knees I realized with disgust that sometime during my ordeal my bowels had emptied a liquid, stinking mess into my pants and down both legs.

I had pissed myself too. The disgusting stench of myself nauseated me further

and I began to retch again as I crawled toward the lake."

Crabbe's lack of preparation for his journey into the wilderness is made clear by his lack of skill in performing necessary tasks and lack of knowledge about outdoor life. If Crabbe were prepared he would have remembered to bring a map and a compass set on

his journey with him so he would know which way he was going. Crabbe should have also gotten lessons on how to canoe because he doesn't know how to steer the canoe.

Here is a quote from Crabbe just before he goes over the falls: " As I was suspended for a split second in mid-air, you know what I thought? I thought, Christ, Crabbe, I'll bet you...