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White sand rolls into the bluish green water, creating the peaceful and calming atmosphere that this beach is known for. During the day, the sky is a beautiful blue, the sun shining through, it's rays beaming down on everyone soaking up it's environment, and the sun's persistence making it impossible to forget it is there. Not a cloud in the sky, the light blue illuminates the sun in the most perfect way, reflecting it off the water to bring together the best of both worlds. Standing on that beach at the beginning of summer, reminding me that my vacation has officially begun, I could not ask for anything more. I go to Tigertail Beach in Marco Island, Florida at the end of every June, and it is the most satisfying week of my life, because it is the only place I am truly happy and relaxed.

During the day I swim; I feel the warmth of the Gulf of Mexico surrounding me, and I just lay in the ocean, letting its depth take me over and relax my body like nothing else could.

The water reaches eighty, especially in June, and swimming in the ocean is more satisfying than taking a bath. There is something about the ocean, or maybe just this ocean, that relaxes my body; it allows me to feel completely comfortable and without stress. So many summertime memories rush to my mind while recalling this beach; there are those long days spent at the beach, with packed lunches, coats of sunscreen, and kids building sand castles. There are palapas that line the back of the beach; brown straw-like huts that serve as an umbrella for people planning on spending a long day at the beach, and there are always old people with their stuff propped under the...