This essay is about how i plan to help out my community if i were to recieve an internship.

Essay by DLOVLEE April 2002

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How I Will Use This Internship to Benefit My Community

Role models come in all shapes and sizes and for each person there are many who meet his or her interest. Unfortunately, I have met many women and men whom I know personally with that have not found a role model yet. Many of these people are unmotivated and have no other ambition, but to pass a class and "make that cheddar." From where I stand, my perception of success is not about money, it is about making differences and achievements. The purpose of this essay is not to condemn anyone nor highlight any person's mistakes, but to elaborate on my goals and to express how I plan to become an example in the lives of my peers.

In my life, there is a woman I call my friend and mentor. She has looked after me my entire life but until recently, I have not noticed the beauty of her existence.

I have always been a strong young lady and very focused on where I am going to be in the future. Like this woman, I have done everything in my power not to become lost in the crowd, but to remain part of the elite. Starting from zero with no one to stand beside her she continues to be focused. Because of her hard work and determination she has come far from zero and soared to the top. This woman has molded me into the person I am today. Her name is Mom!

I believe that unless a person is threatened by failure or instability he or she will not look for more than what he or she has. The same way my mom has always stood as an example for me, I would like to do the same...