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Success: We Want It

What is something that we desire to have, work diligently our entire life for, and will do almost anything to obtain? It is success. Webster's dictionary defines success as "favorable or desired outcome . . . the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence." As humans, we have a drive for success; our life depends on it. Success in love, success in life, success in prosperity. We all want success.

In order to achieve our goal of success, we must want more out of life. To get more out of life we must set goals for ourselves. One such goal would be having a successful career. Even though having a successful career causes us to make sacrifices, it enables us to have "more" money, "more" opportunities, and "more" respect.

If we have a successful career that allows us to make more money, we will be happier. Being able to provide for our family will be so much easier because we will not have as much financial stress.

We can buy that boat, that camping trailer, that cabin, that house, or that car we always dreamed of having. Not to mention the fact we can take leisure trips to Europe, take cruises to the Bahamas, or just escape for the weekend to our cabin. Our spouse will be happy because there is less stress on our marriage. He or she will not have to worry about bill collectors calling or the bank repossessing our vehicle or home. Also, we will not be one of those families that live from paycheck to paycheck, as long as we manage our finances properly.

More money also leads to more happiness not just in our life, but other's lives as well. Our kids will be happier because they will not have...