This is an essay on the short story " The Most Dangerous Game."

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The Most Dangerous Game

The exciting suspense of action of Richard Connell's " The Most Dangerous Game" brings in a dark, mysterious, and evil setting as it takes us to a young man's storm of thoughts about the game of hunting and the instinct to survive. Rainsford was his name, and he was a proud hunter full of wit and reason. He loved hunting and did not care nor know about the feelings of the "huntees". He eventually meets up with another hunter named Zaroff who gives him the feeling of being hunted and changes his ideas of hunting. Zaroff was bored with hunting because his intelligence exceeded the animals' instincts. Therefore, he set his eyes on the most dangerous hunt ever, the hunt between him and Rainsford.

The suspense in this breathtaking short story is extremely important because it keeps us wondering what Rainsford's and Zaroff's next moves are in the hunt.

It keeps our minds active and thoughtful, feeding us with surprises and wonder. One incident when Rainsford makes a leap for the cold waters to avoid Zaroff and the hounds shows us the surprise of the action. The second after that, we wonder if he died of loss of oxygen. Every minute, Connell brings us another little event to bring up the suspense. Without the suspense, the story would be meaningless and boring. It would lose the audience's attention and we would lose the audience's attention and probably not read it today. So the suspense is one element that holds this story together.

The point of view in this story is important because it brings in the suspense, conflicts, and the characters' thoughts that help us understand what is going on in the story. This omniscient point of view is what allows the author to bring...