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"You're a whore, you're a whore, you're a whore" isn't the normal dialogue one would expect to encounter during the study of arguments. That is unless you are watching The Jerry Springer Show. The Springer Show is an example of argument at its crudest form. Each day Jerry invites the worst that society has to offer, to take part in an informal argument, designed to entertain and enlighten his viewers. Most of these arguments lack structure, cohesiveness, and focus, not to mention logic. Much of the show is devoted to the trading of insults between the audience and the panelists. Nevertheless, I will try to examine some of the elements that made up a recent episode. The episode dealt with the topic of stripping. Family and friends came on the show to try and convince their stripper loved ones to get out of the business. Claim of policy.

"Look at the environment you work in, it is filled with losers, perverts, and criminals, I don't see how you can stand it", said the mother of a stripper.

The statement is meant to lend support to the claim that stripping is an awful profession. Upon closer examination, one can see why it is flawed. Regarding the statement, the average listener would probably supply several warrants.

A main warrant underlying this statement is that professions that deal with losers, perverts, and criminals are terrible professions. The warrant does not have to be stated, it is common knowledge that these types of people are thought to be bad people to work with. Is this warrant true? There exist many sought after professions where the primary clientele are undesirable. Law Enforcement officials, Legal Professionals, Teachers? and other respected members of the community have extensive dealings with undesirable clientele, without also being viewed as...