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Narrative genre of urban legends is a kind of oral folktale with the presence of a teller, telling the story. The teller separates certain characteristic of the story being told, recounting of events in chronological time. The teller now a days don't always have to be present in modern times, we see this through e-mail, someone spreading an urban legend, telling a story, recounting of events, and separating characteristic. Urban legends are tales that usually cautionary tales, which vary in the telling, but are always told as if they were true and usually have no supporting evidence to back it up, except the attribution to a second or third hand, friend of a friend type of thing. We see two examples of legends in the "The Thousand and One Nights", this happens when the king sends Vizier to look for a virgin and when he found none he turned to Viziers elder daughter Shahrazad.

This troubled Vizier and his daughter noticed and explained to her father that she would be all right, but her father cautioned her by telling a story of the "Fable of the Donkey, the Ox, and the Farmer." Vizier used this tale as a cautionary, just as most legends do, by trying to show his daughter not to have too much faith, it might just back fire on you and you will lose. The other tale is told my the Shahrazad on her wedding night, the story of "The Young Woman and Her Five Lovers" give two examples of an legend, one is bye a second or third hand telling, a tale that is told and handed down. The other example tells the king in an unknowing fashion that a woman can outwit a man, just as Shahrazad was out witting the king by...