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English Exam Essay

First Semester

The world doesn't care about your self-esteem; the world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself. The three pieces of literature that I chose for this essay are "The Anthem", "Susan B. Anthony", and "Frederick Douglas". The preceding literary texts exemplify my thesis on the matter that they required their utmost attention and will for the things most important to them. In today's world, an education is your most valuable tool to aid success.

Flipping burgers isn't below dignity; grandparents have a different word for burger flipping, they called it an opportunity. In "Frederick Douglas", Frederick craved learning. Every attempt in pursuing his passion formed a constant danger especially if discovered, it meant a sever lashing or worse. Any job Frederick acquired, he examined his surroundings "While firing a boiler in a Baltimore shipyard, he saw that the carpenters marked letters on the timber according to the part of the ship for which it was intended" (J.A.

Rogers, 1992, pg. 409). When Frederick found a periodical, he treasured it such as you and I do gold. Just as Frederick, Odysseus, from The Odyssey, put himself and his crew in danger due to his curiosity, or rather his simple desire to learn. "Ah, how sound that was! Yet I refused, I wished to see the caveman, what he had to offer - no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends" (Homer, 700 B.C., pg. 162). Although Odysseus evaded death, members of the crew did not fair such a fate. For an almost perfect example displaying the value of success an education holds, look no further than the story of Susan B. Anthony. Susan grew-up well-to-do house and was properly educated, quite rare for...