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ValuePersonal Sourcewith ExamplesJustify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Dependability (efficacy)I carry a company cell The Executive staff and our clientèle have 24 hour access to me via voice and email. If something needs to be addressed I am always the first person contacted, and then made responsible for congregating the personal for the job. Unfortunately, this drains on my personal life more than most employees. This trait has also advanced my career and pay scale more aggressively than my coworkers.

To be dependable and reliable is very important to me I set my personal and professional expectations very high. I do not like to let people down. When given a task I do not like to be micro-managed. I like people to know if they gave it to me consider it complete. My reputation is that I work fast and always complete everything that is given to me.

The old saying "if you want something done give it to a busy person".

Truthfulness and IntegrityI was raised on a small Montana farm outside a town of a couple hundred people. Where your word or a handshake is all that was required for completing a deal. I have had a rude awakening over the life of my career. People are not always truthful when dealing with business. Potential customers will call and inquire about our products, and in some applications the products that are offered could do the job but not as well as another product by a competitor. Our pricing structure that allows us to be competitive in small quantity orders. When a customer calls and inquires about a low quantity. I always explain that I can sell them the items but our costs are...