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In today's world, ethics play an important role in running a business and ensuring the success of organizations. Ethics are developed from the bottom up. It all starts with the employees and what their personal ethics are. Within this paper, I will be interpreting my ethics awareness inventory results, how they apply to my personal and professional developed, and then conclude with how my education experience at the University of Phoenix has impacted my ethical thinking.

The value of the ethics awareness inventory for students at the University of Phoenix is it gives the student an outside view of how they are perceived to be ethical. This really helps individuals because it is now always know how the outside world perceives their actions. Below are my results from the Ethics Awareness Inventory.

From the results of my Ethics Awareness Inventory score, I can see that I base most of my ethics on obligation to do what is morally right.

So, to be considered ethical, I look at the intent of the taken action rather than focusing on the results. So, in order to be ethical, there are rules that are needed to be followed and discover what is the right action that is needed to be taken and still being able to respect the rights of other individuals.

The way I apply them to my personal and professional development is to look at what is in the best interest of the company and me. I have realized now that during my decision making process, I usually base my decisions on what is the policy and procedure of the decision I am deciding on. I also take responsibility for my actions and will suffer the consequences for everything I do. I do thought need to develop my skills when I...