Personal Values and Ethics

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Personal Values and Ethics

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June 02, 2010



Personal Values and Ethics

The word ethics is best described as, the behavior related to established standards of right and wrong that determine what he or she, as human beings, should do in terms of his or her moral duty, obligations, and virtues as it relates to societies welfare. Developing ideals and taking responsibility. Ethics is a learned behavior that should be taught in the early in his or her life, it is not something he or she is born with. Developing ethical behavior and moral conduct starts at home.

The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory

In everyday life decision making is a part of the process rather wrong or right. Situations arise in which he or she must make what he or she believes is the "right" decision.

However, concerning ethical decisions, some believe that he or she has to remain impartial or "value-neutral." According to Williams Institute, when faced with ethical dilemmas, he or she believes that there are "right" and "wrong" choices. Coincidently, people make different choices in accordance with their personal ethical values. The William Group for Ethics and Management developed an exercise, called Ethics Awareness Inventory, which analyzes responses to a set of questions, and categorizes the result under four ethical perspectives: Category, Obligation, Results, and Equity - CORE. The Ethical Awareness Inventory (EAI) examines in detail the effects of one's decision on others.

Ethics awareness inventory helped to develop awareness as well as understand the CORE principles or values underlying the belief system and how they reflect personal ethical perspective and style. Having taken the Williams Ethic Awareness Inventory and according to it, personal tendencies are based...