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IntroductionMany businesses are using web-sites and electronic commerce to augment the sales of their bricks and mortar operations. These web-sites often carry a greater range of inventory and can be found in any individual store. Many of these web-sites include the latest up-to-date information as it relates to the products and services available. Like the physical store, these websites are arranged into categories matching the major types of services and products found in each department of the store. Our team paper examines three companies; Pratt and Whitney, Harley-Davidson, and Pine Grove Homes, and with the appropriate designed website, the aforementioned companies can encourage prospective customers the security to safely make the same purchases they would make in the bricks and mortar store. However, each company must understand and aware of the many risks that await individuals who participate in conducting e-business transactions on the web. According to McAfee Inc., an internet security company, new threats are constantly arising on the internet that make consumers vulnerable to becoming victims of cyber crime (CNN, 2009).

Aside from security issues, companies well as consumers need to be mindful of legal, ethical and regulatory issues when participating in an e-business environment. Team D's paper will discuss how Pratt and Whitney, Harley-Davidson, and Pine Grove Homes are handling such issues; well as how each company deals with the consumer's confidential information, while conducting business to consumer transactions via the web.

Pratt and WhitneyThe website for Pratt and Whitney provides detailed information regarding the company and its products and services. The types of information offered by the website require specific attention to the security, confidentiality, and any international issues. The security of the website is important to Pratt and Whitney and the privacy policy page under the security and integrity heading states...