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Euro Disney: The First 100 days

The Walt Disney Company is the company that has several successful theme parks in the world, and every person around the world wants to go visit their theme parks. However, their overseas expansion in Paris, France was not very successful as their other theme parks in the United States and Japan. Their target market was focus on children and young adult all over the Europe, the problem was that their target range was too broad. Covering all over the Europe was ungovernable for Euro Disney because there are too many countries that have different languages and different cultures. Also, Europeans was not very open to American culture to accept as Japanese did because Japanese people had been entertained through Disney's cartoons and movies but European had not.

People who visited Euro Disney was not satisfied with customer service in Euro Disney. The customers definitely expected the high quality of service as other Disney theme parks, but the European employees did not provide the high-quality service as American employee did.

Also, the cultural difference between Americans and Europeans caused the dissatisfaction about the service. For instance, the Disney Company banned to drink alcoholic beverage in the Euro Disney Land as they did in other locations. Americans thought that the interests of children must be put first in an amusement park definitely, but Europeans did not agree with that position even though they are parents of children. Drinking wine was very ordinary thing for European people, and they did not even think drinking wine is bad for children. Thus, Disney's position about not drinking alcohol in the theme park sparked the French people's strong opposition. Finally, the company allowed drinking wine in the Euro Disney about a decade after the opening. This example shows...