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Every person should be able to live a life that is chosen. They should be able to be happy and not worry about problems that arise. In the story "Eveline", the main character had the opportunity to run from her problems. She was invited to move to Buenos Aires to get away from everything. She had many reasons to go to Buenos Aires. Her father was an alcoholic. There were times when he would get violent and erupt in a drunken rage. It is hard to live with an alcoholic. Her father's drinking problem tore the family apart. She loved her father. She was able to look past her father's problem and see him for who he was. She had a life at home. It is hard to just pick up and leave everything that you worked your entire life to have. If she was to leave, then she would be leaving everything, family, friends, etc.

I wouldn't be able to live with an alcoholic, and I wouldn't expect her to. She didn't leave for those reasons. She decided to work on her problems instead of leaving them.