In Everyone's Soul is there the capacity for evil? The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding he demonstrates evil. Within every soul?s lining lies the capacity for evil. This evil lurks about and is hidden deep inside almost every character in the novel especially in Jack. It was most compellingly represented through the eerie beast and the constant search to kill the pig.

Evil showed in Jack when it came to trying to kill the pig on the island. For example, when Jack and Ralph are arguing about being rescued he said, ? Rescue? Yes, of course! All the same, I?d like to catch a pig first- He snatched up his spear and dashed it into the ground .The opaque mad look came into his eyes again.? This shows that something like killing a living thing is as important as being rescued probably even more important. Also Jack would sacrifice his live and the others of being rescued if he hadn?t killed a pig yet.

The beast is the root of all evil that exists in the boys. The beast is something they?ve created in their minds, and it comes to haunt them at times. For example, when the boys are dancing after their big feast repeating their chant, ? Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!? They see a shadow come in the center of them eventually killing what they think is the ?beast.? After having killed the beast, which actually turned out, to be Simon, Jack didn?t feel any remorse he went on with his everyday life. After just killing one of his friends he continues acting in an evil state of manner to the members in his tribe ordering them around and trying to be the big man on the island.

In the final chapters of the book the evil begin to...