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One of the most interesting and amazing places in the world is the whole group of the micronations. Sometimes they are also called cybernations, fantasy nations or model countries. In fact, to distinguish them from the imaginary countries, eco-villages, tribes, sects or campuses, there have been established some specific features, which perfectly describe what the micronations are:

1. Micronations often assert that they wish to be widely recognized as sovereign countries. Frankly, they are not so recognized.

2. They are quite small concerning both their geographical status and the number of members. To tell the truth, the vast majority of the micronatins have no more than few handreds of inhabitants.

3. Some of the micronations tried to use the government-instruments such as passports, stamps, currency to derive from the "big" countries.

It is important to mention that for the most part exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators, although a few of micronations have managed to extend some of their operations into the physical world by issuing coins, flags, stmaps, passports, medals and other items.

Today we can meet with the deferentiating 7 types of micronations:

a) social, economic and political stimulations

b) exercises in personal entertainment or self - aggrendisement

c) exercises in fantasy or creative fiction

d) vehicles for the promotion of an agenda

e) entities created for fraudulent purposes

f) historical anomalies and aspirant states

g) new country projects


These are the micronations derived from the need of stimulating political or social processes. They often involve great number of people having a reasonably serious intent. The best examples would be The Kingdom of Talossa, which is an independent nation in North America. It seceded peacefully from the United States in 1979 (although they have written on their Website...