the evolution of King Creon in the play Antigone

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The downfall of King Creon.

Being able to be a leader at some points in your life is important. The definition of leadership to me is being a good role model and being able to take control of people, in a good way. For example, you could be a group leader of a school assignment. You will need to look over your peers and tell them what they must do to complete their part. Just because you are a leader that does not automatically make you a quality one in the eyes of everyone. Some people may think that a person is a fine leader while others think they are a horrible one. For example, think about a dictator or a monarch. They are normally good leaders because they run whole countries practically by themselves, but strike fear in people because of their power and rule in a bad way, which causes opinions of bad leadership upon them.

King Creon of the play Antigone is the king of Thebes, Greece; he was arrogant, stubborn, harsh, and he eventually evolved into becoming miserable and guilty due to the events and actions in his life.

The author of Antigone is Sophocles. Sophocles was born in four-hundred five or four-hundred six BCE. He was known as a luminary force in classical Athenian culture. Sophocles was an innovator of drama, and like many other good Athenian citizens he was a politician along with being a priest and military leader. He was born near Athens, Greece in the city of Colonus. Sophocles was recognized as a master of song which resulted from his musical education. Sophocles had been married twice and had at least two sons. He later became the treasurer of Athena, and in this role he was responsible for collecting tribute from...