External and Internal Factors of Planning and Other Functions of Management

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With over 300,000 people world wide, AT&T is truly a global Fortune 500 company with a significant presence in the communication industry. With impressive growth, executives and managers need to develop a strategy that allows AT&T to connect with their customers and manage the contributing factors to their success.

As stated in the AT&T Annual Report (2007), "AT&T was able to increase their annual income by 98.3%." This amazing growth occurred in all sectors of their revenue stream and made 2007 a historic year financially for AT&T. AT&T Chairman, CEO and President, Mr. Randall Stephenson also states in the annual report (2007, p. 8) "there is one word that best describes what AT&T does and it is connected." A simple vision that clearly describes what AT&T does for their customers to drive growth in their organization.

In order for a company to succeed in today's market, the product appeal to a global audience is imperative.

Although AT&T did not begin as a business that offered products and services globally, AT&T's network now includes 38 internet data centers on four continents across the globe (AT&T, 2008). AT&T offers a variety of communication products and services that appeal to individuals and companies. The demand for these types of products and services is on the rise, especially within major corporations. Given this demand, AT&T has developed and maintained an advanced and powerful communications network. AT&T is an industry leader of communication services, which serves millions of individuals and businesses on six continents (AT&T, 2008).

The economy is an external factor that influences how AT&T manages rapid change. For example, with home foreclosures at a record high, the demand for landline telephone service is decreasing. Meanwhile the demand for wireless service is increasing. AT&T continues to focus on advancing wireless products (AT&T, Vonage, 2008).