Extreme sports

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People spend their leisure time in different ways. Some people play games with their family members and friends. But people go for adventures or dangerous sports. I think people are attracted towards dangerous sports for many reasons.

First of all some people take these adventurous sports as a challenge. For example, consider mountaineering of Mount Everest and Mount Rocky. It is a very risky, but people will take that challenge and will go for it. They give their entire lives and time to achieve their record. They try hard to over come all obstacles and finally they will succeed and will set new records in their names.

Some people are attracted towards the dangerous sports because they can be famous by conquering the highest mountain or traveling around the world in ship. They know that it is risky but they are willing to take that risk in order become famous.

They will be famous and people will see them as heroes. Some times companies will approach these heroes to model for their products and they will they will get a great sum of money.

Some people like adventurous activities because they want show the hidden beauty or the hidden truth of the nature to their fellow people in this world. They are willing to the risk behind it. For example, some people will go and take the photograph of live volcanoes just to show us. Sometimes they will go to depth of the ocean to show us the see animals or they will go to the deep forest to take the picture of wild animals and we see these through their eyes.

People who are attracted to dangerous sports or dangerous activities have a great desire to over come the obstacles and set new records in their names. They give...