Factors Influencing Working in a Team.

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A team may commonly be defined as a group organized to work together. Learning to work effectively in a team is very critical to success of any organization. This paper describes the various factors influencing a success or failure of working in a team.

I. Perspective of Goal

Individual Opinions: At first, each member of the team had his or her own idea about how to start the project. The commitment to accurately complete the project forced us to furthering our own interest rather than team's. We faced the struggle between competition over cooperation. For e.g. two of us wanted to select our own topics but the third team member insisted we come up with all the required elements for the project first and then split them three-way for each individual presenter. The choice between individual and team interest led us to team dilemma. At that moment we took a step back and discussed the issue.

We recognized the fact that we need the cooperation rather than competition. We made pledges with each other to deal with constructive criticism with an open mind. We acted on collaborating strategy and accomplished a lot in no time.

Short vs. Long Term: We recognized that the team identity was crucial to the achieving not only our short term goal of completing the project but the long term goal to being part of this or any team will be key to be successful. The team players may change the game will not. Once we realized the team identity concept it was easier to vision working together not only on this project but also for any future endeavors.

II. Expectations

Establishing Responsibilities: After going through the uncertainty as to the purpose structure and leadership referred as the forming stage and the intragroup variances amongst each...