The Fair Maid Of Asolat

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"The Fair Maid of Astolat"- King Arthur proclaimed that he would have a tournament on the feast of the Assumption of Mary. Many knights would enter, but Sir Launcelot did not want to for he wanted to stay with Queen Gwynevere. The queen as well did not want to go. When King Arthur left, the queen realized that the people would know of their relationship. Sir Launcelot rode of the same day and needed to disguise himself. Sir Launcelot stopped and got a shield at Sir Barnard's house. He also took Sir Lavayne and a token from Elaine for his helmet. Sir Launcelot won the tournament, but no one knew who he was. He was badly injured and was taken to a hermit to be healed. Elaine noticed that her brother had returned and she went back with him to the hermitage. Sir Lavayne also took Sir Bors there. A month went by and Sir Launcelot healed.

Elaine had too much love for Sir Launcelot that he wanted, so he returned home for his love, Queen Gwynevere. She asked for his forgiveness yet again, but this time for accusing him of loving another woman.

"The Siege of Benwick"- Sir Launcelot is trying to take over France, while he is trying to settle with King Arthur. Sir Gawain convinces King Arthur that Sir Lancelot is a traitor. Sir Lancelot sends a letter to Arthur asking for peace, but Arthur sends back another message telling that he will not back down. King Arthur goes to Lancelot's castle with his army ready to fight. Sir Gawain, who is on Arthur's side, asks anyone who wants to fight him to come and try to defeat him in battle. So a few men try, but fail. Then, Gawain tells Launcelot to fight. They fight and Launcelot wins, but did not kill Sir Gawain. When Sir Gawain heals he wants to fight Sir Launcelot again and loses yet another time. For a month Sir Gawain heals from his wounds and the siege remained. Arthur then lead his army on a march towards the coast to embark on Britain, after he received news of Gawain wanting to fight Launcelot again.