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The Cat's Boots

Once upon a time, in a monarchical land, there lived a miller and his three sons. When the miller passed away, his assets (a mill, a donkey and a cat) were divided between his sons by a system of chance. It just so happened that the youngest son received the short straw, meaning that he only inherited a cat. This caused him some distress.

As he was pondering miserably, he said aloud to himself, "What shall I do? My brothers are fortunate, they can work together to earn their income but what can I do with a cat? If I eat him, I will soon grow hungry again and will surely die of starvation."

Upon hearing this, the cat stood on his hind legs and said, "Just because I am a cat, it does not mean that I have no value other than being your dinner.

I have some skills and if you give me a chance, I will help you succeed. All you have to do is provide me with a sack and a pair of boots."

"Absolutely. I will grant your request, though it is strange, and I apologise for any discriminatory pain you have suffered. You must understand that I was desperate and in despair, so I was not being rational.

A few days later, the cat ventured into the forest, wearing his new boots. Using his sack, he caught a rabbit and killed it mercilessly, as it was in his predatory nature. Instead of giving the rabbit to his master (there would be many opportunities for that later) he strutted up to the king's castle and offered it as a gift from his master; the Marquis of Carabas. This was the name that he invented for the miller's son...