The Firm .vs. Dracula

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Comparitive Essay Firm .vs. Dracula In the novel "The Firm" it tells a story about a man who gets involved too deep within a law firm, and does not realize that the information he had accidently acquired mad him a mark for death. As well in the novel "Dracula" there is once again a man who gets involved with a Count on terms of real estate, and does not realize the depth of danger he has reached. Both the novels contain characters, which have lead themselves blindly into certain danger. In the following paragraphs I will discussing in detail how both these novels intertwine in aspects of the protagonists, themes, and how the author portrays the protagonist through the theme of the novel.

In the Firm the protagonist is Mitchell Y. McDeere a graduate from Harvard who has become an attorney at a very prestigious law firm. This character sets a very suspensefull and exciting mood for this novel.

He goes about doing by being very arrogant and confident in his skills without any doubt of fitting into the law firm. An example of his arrogance would be: " We will discuss your figures once you have been hired" "There are many high powered companies who would love to have me, so I think it's in your best interest to tell right what exactly my figures look like." " Well, you'll be starting at $80,000 for your first year." "Thank you." It's evident that Mitchel Y. McDeere is very sure of himself, but once he becomes deeply involved with this company he is no longer sure of himslef, and that is when all the suspense and ecitment is buil around this character. Similarly in the novel "Dracula" the protagonist Jonathan Harker is a very simple man who works for real...