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First They Killed My Father The definition of Holocaust: a great or complete devastation or destruction; the systematic mass extermination of innocent people. Every century, in almost every culture all over the world, there is some type of holocaust. The reason for the unnecessary slaughter of innocent people is usually behind one sick, idealistic person. Adolf Hitler is probably the first to come to mind, but there were many others just as evil or even more so. These include Josef Stalin, the Turkish Genocide and Pol Pot. On April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge overthrew the existing government and started the Pol Pot Regime, which many people did not live through the endurance.

The question that many people ask about is how could something like that happen. Most people, especially people in America are not exposed to some of the horrors that are happening on the other side of the world.

There are many people that have serious mental problems that have the urge to be in power and murder. When someone like this has control of a government that is not for the people, the people of the country are in danger. Usually the monarch wants more and more causing the people to work unrelentful with less for themselves. This continues even today in countries that use communism as their government. In the case of the Khmer Rouge, they wanted revenge against the old government because of their oppression before. They killed everyone from the old government and citizens to to make themselves look more overpowering. They corrupted the children's minds with false messages of the Khmer Rouge. All it takes is one person that can convince people that he was meant to rule.

America goes to other countries to try to prevent this events from reoccurring...