"Force 10 from Navarone"

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The action in Force 10 from Navarone mainly takes place is Yugoslavia. Mallory, Miller and Andrea, all men, has just got home from Navarone when they are sent into another mission. The mission is in Yugoslavia.

The main-character in this story is Mallory. Along with Miller and Andrea they are the people who is mentioned most. Mallory, Miller and Andrea are three men working for the allied intelligence. The new mission that they get is in Neretva. The valley of Neretva is a vital sector of the main north-south route through Yugoslavia. Miller, Mallory and Andrea takes on themselves parachutes and after some time with flying they are dropped somewhere over Neretva close by to the Partisans headquarters. This book is divided into chapters according to which day and time it was. Maclean goes chronological forward in this book from Thursday 00.00 to Sunday 02.15. This period is divided into almost 15 chapters with timeperiods like Friday 02.00-

04.45. This mission that these three men are assigned to is very secret. It has a such high rank of confidentiality that they kept it a secret to even their own allies. In Neretva there is a huge dam. South to the Neretva river is General Zimmermanns two armoured divisions. This is the Germans who is trying very soon to invade all Yugoslavia. This place is very important to have control over and it mustn`t be lost to the Germans.

The two divisions to General Zimmermann are very much exposed if anything should happen. Like for example that the dam should explode. The river will flow over and take the two divisions with it. Mallory, which is the main-character, is very busy in this book. He talks with everybody, dos everything important himself. He`s a man of action and brains. With other...