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My favorite virtue in life is friendship. I love to have great friendships with people. Friendship is one of the most important feelings in life. I think that there is nothing better in life than a friendship, because when you have a really good friend and you know that your friend will never betray you, then you know you can share anything. That is why friendship is important.

I read the story "The Velveteen Rabbit", and it was bout this rabbit that always sat on the shelf and got dustier and dustier everyday. Then one day the boy started to carry the rabbit everywhere he went. The boy then got scarlet fever, and was not permitted to have the rabbit anymore, because it was made out of wood and sawdust. The rabbit was so close to this little boy, that when he got sick the family was going to burn the rabbit.

Then the boy and the rabbit loved each other so much that the magic fairy visited the rabbit and she made him real. She made the rabbit real so that the boy and the rabbit could see each other again.

The virtue of friendship can help you in life, only if you make the decision to use it. First, you must find someone who is willing to be best friends with you. Then after that, you and your friend should make sure that you know everything about each other, so that you don't keep secrets from each other. If this friendship is true love, then you each should have no problem with finding a way to stay friends. For example, I have a best friend that I can talk to about anything, he supports me when I'm down, and he even stays with me during the...