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To run a company a manager will need to do the four functions and they are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

I work at ATT as a customer service representative. The managers have to follow these four functions in order for the company to run smoothly. Planning is the first step manager at ATT must do. Manager need to find the company goals and how he or she is going to arrive at these goals. Manager need two objectives to arrive at the planning and that is "setting objectives for the goals and following up on them" (Wanish, 2009 p.1). Part of the planning also contains sales, hiring, and marketing plan. At ATT the manager does most of the hiring there. They also have to train the employee on sales on the cell phones and phone service plan. Without the training on these cell phones and plan the company goals would not be met if the employee does not know what he or she are doing.

The marketing plan is also very important for the company. If the manager does not have a marketing plan, then the company will not run well at all (Wanish, 2009).

Organizing is the second function that managers at ATT have to do. Manager have to keep ATT organize. They do this by keeping the employee and resources organize. The manager at ATT would also need to know how many people he would need for his team to complete the work. If the employee does not have all the resources to do the work, then the manager is not doing something right. If the manager does not keep the job organize the employee could view the manager as unprepared or think the manager do not know what he is doing (Wanish, 2009).