Future of Management Management: Theory, Practice & Application

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Life is about change; nothing stays the same forever. Success depends on learning how to adapt and roll with the changes. If we stand still, we will be left behind. Businesses and organizations face the same consequences. Management must see how new concepts and functions fit into the changing needs of a company, and the leaders of an organization must be able to make those visions a reality. This paper will focus on the roles of management and leadership and how they compare and contrast to each other in their roles to implementing change. It will also discuss new business concepts and trends and how they affect the emerging responsibilities of management. And finally, this paper will portray how the four functions of management will need to change in the future, and how important that change is to the vitality of its purpose.

Compare and Contrast


Management is the collective body of the people who manage or direct an organization or activity.

Managers ensure organizational initiatives are implemented and measure and control processes. They are responsible for making things happen. It is this unit of an organization that advances the strategic and management plans, structuring, policies, and maintaining a thorough analysis of the organization's condition. Most importantly, management is in charge of the people around them. It is management's mission to create a happy, secure and open atmosphere for their employees. A man by the name of F. John Reh gives a wonderful quote on a manager's point of view of management, "You are managing people, not projects or product development or customer service or any other departmental mission. People are complicated and messy. They aren't machines any more than you are; they won't be the same every day, no matter how much you'd like them to be.