Future Trends in Advertising

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University of PhoenixJune 9, 2009The future trends in advertising are very important to brand recognition in the marketplace. Brand recognition helps the consumer to identify a brand and is recognized for its stated brand attributes or communications. Branding is a marketing tool that is used to get a product and or service out to the general public. "Branding is a marketing technique that has the potential to take your business to the next level. It involves helping your clientele to form a recognizable association with your group. You may believe that only big corporations can successfully build a brand, but this not true. Small businesses and local organizations can enhance their marketing strategies and foster growth through the use of branding (Business and Law, 2009)." Companies must then find innovative way to reach the public with its products and or services. Companies must then look to the advertising trends of the future to compete in the marketplace.

Interactive media is a future trend in advertising that many companies will have to be mindful of when entering a advertising campaign. Interactive media is a form of collaborative media that allows for active participation by the person that is the recipient. Interactive media has the ability to offer different advertising options and will very useful for companies that are trying to get its brand out in the marketplace. Interactive advertising is the paid and unpaid presentation and promotion of products and services.

Many companies are now using outlets such as Facebook, Mysace, and Twitter to give these presentations of products and services to the audience of these sites. For companies branding its products and services on these type of sites must understand the target market that are on these type of site. Knowing who, what, when, where, and how this target...