Gay and Lesbian Rights

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Gay and Lesbian Rights

With all the terrible violations of human rights in the world today, from religious persecution to genocide, should we put the fight for equal rights for homosexuals on the "back burner," as it was, until the rest of the world's problems have been solved? It is true that there are many appalling things that happen on a daily basis around the world. There will always be problems that are bigger than the rights of homosexuals. When one says that "we" shouldn't devote out efforts to promoting the right of lesbians and gay men, since there are more important and urgent human right issues that deserve our attention, to whom is this "we" referring? If one is referring to "society," as in, society shouldn't devote its efforts, one must acknowledge the fact that society is able to deal with more than one issue at a time.

In the statement presented to us, one gets the feeling that we should feel like gay and lesbian rights aren't as important or pressing as some of the other human rights issues in the world today.

While I will show later that this isn't necessarily the case, assuming that it was, would it take away from the validity of the homosexual's plight? If we deem that the violation of homosexual rights isn't important enough for society to concern itself with, should we be able to prohibit homosexuals from supporting their own cause? If homosexuals don't take effort to ameliorate their own situation, then who will?

As a first line of support, "causes" seek out their own. The article "Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism" proves to us, by the fact the it is written by a lesbian woman, that people "take care of their own." Almost always, the motivation to write such...