Gay and lesbian rights(marriage)

Essay by egyptfreak February 2004

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Some people(actually, a lot...)believe that gays and lesbians should have the right to get married. Unless I was under some kind of hypnosis, then in no way whatsoever, would I ever agree with those people. The family unit is composed of two adults(or more, maybe uncles or aunts, grandparents, other relatives, etc.), and these two adults, if they participate in sexual intercourse, should be of the opposite sex. Yes, a family doesn't just mean a man and a woman having sex so they can raise a child, and that family is about love, cooperation, and kindness towards family members and others, gays and lesbians should not get married.

Also, the term "gay" used to mean happy and cheerful, but in the 1960s the left-wing media sabotaged the term, and changed it's meaning to homosexual in an attempt to make homosexuals seem like "happy, cheerful people! Not dreary, sad faggots!". This almost worked.

Yes, the term "gay" now means faggot, but now, the term also means stupid, disgusting, pervert, babyish, etc. So, the media has now changed a wonderful term to a stupid and disgusting one. Thanks(huh!).

So, gays and lesbians are now trying to get a law passed that gives them the right to get married. Right? Well, some, but not that many. You may have seen those protests and crowds on TV, but that is only a small fraction of gays and lesbians. Most just want to have a short relationship with some guy/girl, then be with someone else, then someone else, etc. They usually don't stay with the same partner for that long, so they don't want to get committed like that. Now, some do, so you can't just say they're a small fractions of gays, so they don't matter. Well, you can't be immoral and...