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How to Get Concert Tickets Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, and the Beastie Boys are just some of the best bands you can see in concert today. Going to see your favorite band in concert is much harder than you might expect it to be. Waiting in line and surfing the net are just a few of the steps you must take in order to get concert tickets.

Begin by deciding which band you would like to see in concert. This is the most important step, because if you are going to pay money to a band in concert, make sure it is one you want to see. After you have decided what band you want to go see, proceed to your computer and use the Internet. If you do not have the Internet, you can use it for free at your local library. To get on the Internet, you must turn on the computer and wait for Windows to load.

Once Windows is loaded, double click on the icon that represents your Internet server. When you have completed filling out the screen name and password information, bring the cursor to the text box where you can type in Internet addresses. A text box is the area where you are able to type in information using your keyboard. It is usually a long rectangle shape when used for typing in Internet addresses, and a short rectangle when you see it used for a search engine.

Once you have done this, type in the address, This address will take you to a web site that will tell you if the band you want to see is on tour, or whether or not they will be soon. The site also tells you the date, city, and venue the band you choose will be playing at. A venue is the place that the band is going to perform at for instance, one venue in Michigan is the Palace of Auburn 2 Hills. This site has a simple search engine, like Yahoo or AOL. This means you type in the name of the band you want to see, and presto the information you need is right in front of you. There is an extra bonus on the web site. Before you start your search, you can choose whether you want to search by venue, city, or the name of the band. The text box for the site is in the middle of the web site at the very top. On the left hand side of the web site, there is a list of popular bands that are currently on tour, if the band you are looking for is there, just click on the name rather than taking the time to do a search. The web site is all written in red lettering, and has the name, Pollstar, written in big letters at the top. If you decide to search, just type in the name of the band, city, or venue, and hit search. After you have done this, you are taken to another screen, which asks you to verify the venue, city, or bands you, chose. This screen is smaller and tells you the results of the search. If it is correct, click shows dates if it is not, go back to the previous screen and try to search again. Once you have clicked show dates, it will show you all the information you need to know. The information on this screen will be sorted by the date, and will list everything you need to know from that day's date to whenever the band stops touring. If the band you want to see is not on tour, Pollstar will tell you when they are via e-mail. All you have to do is leave them your e-mail address. To do this, all you have to do is click on the text that read " Tell me when the band goes on tour." This will come up as default if the band is currently not touring.

If the band you want to see is touring, you can proceed to the next web address, which is This web site will tell you how much ticket prices are for the concert, and when tickets go on sale. Ticketmaster also has a search engine in which you can search for your band to see where they are playing. Ticketmaster's information about the concert is not as in depth as Pollstar's is. This web site is blue and gold; it has a blue background with yellow lettering. The name 3 "Ticketmaster" is in big letters at the top of the site. The text box for the search engine is also at the top. On the site, there is a list of popular events and bands touring, which you can just click on instead of searching, similar to Pollstar. In addition to concerts, Ticketmaster covers a wide array of events spanning from Elmo on Ice, to the Detroit Tigers Baseball games. You can find out any ticket information about any event on this site, however, it is harder to navigate than Pollstar. Once you have found out when the tickets go on sale, or if they already are, you have three choices: one- buy the tickets on-line, two- order the tickets over the phone, or three- go to your local Ticketmaster box office and buy them there. The easiest way to buy tickets is choice three.

Buying tickets over the Internet is safe. The Ticketmaster web site is protected by security that will keep your credit card information safe and unattainable by others. To buy tickets on the net, you must choose how many you want, where in the venue you want your seats, and finally what credit card you are going to pay with. You can only buy tickets on-line if you have a credit card. This is due to liability issues. Once you have placed your order, the tickets will be sent to you in about one to two weeks. By scrolling down the web page, it is self-explanatory how you order with your credit card. This web site is very user friendly, and will guide you safely on how to properly order tickets.

Buying the tickets by phone also requires a credit card. Calling the Ticketmaster phone number also will give you event information and ticket prices. This way is very time consuming, and takes longer than the other two choices. By way of an automated voice system, you can purchase your tickets over the phone. The voice system will take you step by step through the process. If you are uncomfortable ordering from a voice system, you can speak to a service representative, which also takes quite a long time.

4 Going to your local Ticketmaster box office is the simplest way to purchase tickets. There are no box offices in Bay City, so you must go to Saginaw to buy tickets. In Saginaw, there are three box offices one at the Civic Center, another at Hudson's, and the last is at Harmony House. Hudson's and Harmony House are the best places to purchase your tickets.

At Hudson's, the box office is on the second floor and way in the back. It is a customer service desk with a computer hooked directly to Ticketmaster Company. At Harmony House, the box office is in the back of the store and is also a customer service desk with a computer hooked up to Ticketmaster Company. Waiting in line at the Ticketmaster box offices is common for popular events and bands, like Kid Rock. The stores have developed a random drawing system for when popular concert tickets go on sale. The system works like this: you draw a ticket, after that they randomly draw a ticket from a coffee can, after enough people have one, whatever number drawn is first, and the rest of the numbers follow in ascending numerical order. Most people who wait in line are trying to get floor tickets, not seats. This is because the floor is a much better place to be when seeing a concert. If there is no line, you are lucky and can proceed to purchase your tickets from the person at the box office.

Going to see a band in concert is an experience everyone should have. Concerts are a fun and exciting way to hear your favorite band live. The only way you can see a concert is if you buy tickets. This is why purchasing tickets can be a long and complicated.