How to get a good grade in school

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Getting a good grade in school is all about determination. In high school the teachers grade differently than what you what you are use to making it complicated in the beginning. I struggled my first quarter in high school. Why did I get such low grades when I handed in all of my homework on time and handed in every project?In high school every category has a different weight in the grade book.

Homework, Tests, Projects, Class work, and Participation all have a different weight in the grade book with tests and projects weighing the most. This I learned it the hard way.

Homework is a small part of your grade in most classes. When you do your homework the teacher knows that you are taking care of your class responsibilities and knows that you are working on his class.

My first month in ninth grade I saw my grades declining after my poor test performance in most classes while my buddy, Andres, had skyrocketing test scores, didn’t do his homework, and had better grades then me.

Take all the time you can to study for a test. Tests are a massive portion of your grade. If you fail a test in a class it is almost impossible to get an A in the class. Tests are practically the only way the teacher knows what you have learned. A huge test can change your grade by a whole letter. Projects are also weighed heavily in the grade book. Take all the time you can to present an awesome project to your teacher because at the end, what are you going to be most proud of, a neat and organized project or a sloppy disorganized one?Last year I was sitting in my English class next to my comrade Chris, when...