With God, All Things Are Possible

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What exactly is a hope? Dream? Aspiration? Dreams, hopes, and aspirations are all things we strive for in life; for example, I aspire that someday I'll have my own computer shop making some good money and enjoying my job. To me, they're all a desire, a craving, or an expectation for something. They all interact with one another but are different in they're own little way. You have got to draw a fine line between the three when trying to explain them separately.

Throughout my childhood I've been hoping and dreaming for the big things in life, just as any other child would that wants the best for themselves. Some people say that dreams are just something you toil for but will never achieve. That it's just something in your mind, wishes per say. I strongly disagree for many reasons. For one: dreams, hopes, and aspirations are all things a kid thinks up while they're young; furthermore, a child should never learn to give up on anything or they will do that the rest of their life.

And two: Many people's hopes, dreams, and aspirations come true; therefore, it's not something just in your head, it is for real.

One of the biggest aspirations I have as a student right now is to go to West Virginia University Technical Institute and receive my bachelor's degree; furthermore, receive my certificate to open or work in a well-organized computer shop. Not just enjoying my job for the money, but for the mental and physical emotion within the job. Computers have always been a really big hobby for me and I know I'll enjoy working with them as a career. Computers are a mental and physical challenge for me. I like the software and hardware parts that deal with computers and networking; for...