Revelation And God

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Revelation and God This paper will look at different aspects of theology. Theology is not something that stands still. It moves. This will be seen throughout this paper. The three fixed points discussed in class are seen throughout this paper. The trinity is very important in seeing the uniqueness of God and the personalness of God. This is seen throughout the discussion of the Trinity and the attributes of God according to this. Also, Christ is central to faith. When talking about any aspect of Christianity Christ should always be at the center. For Christianity is built around Christ. This paper will not address Christ individually exhaustedly because the main points of the paper are on the God of the trinity, but Christ is always at the center, even if there is no actual mentioning of the name. The first thing that was referred to while researching for this paper was the Bible.

T he Bible is the primary source theological source. Theology comes from the Bible. The history is recorded in the Bible. Scripture is authoritative. The Bible helps to weave out the good and bad theology. Bad theology is good in what it affirms and is bad in what it denies. The scripture is the only completely authoritative source. It is the highest source for theology. As mentioned history is found in the Scriptures. The history is where the actual thinking about theology comes into play. Outside of scripture, other sources were studied that help to further the understanding of the scriptural content. It is hard to study the scripture without knowing the actual content. Finally, the paper will include personal context. This is the context God has given personally and is the context that is working through individual ministry and to other people.

This paper will proceed...