Google agrees to commit evil for the Chinese Communist regime.

Essay by Keir January 2006

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Google has become the latest company to kowtow to the fascist Chinese government's demands on internet content and thus has sold out on its corporate mantra: "Don't be evil". launched yesterday will censor ALL politically sensitive material the regime demands, thus restricting access to thousands of sensitive terms (see my article on Wikipedia and banned words), web sites and make searching for information on topics such as Tibet, Taiwanese independence and the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre even harder. It will make it easier to discover all the evil acts committed by the Japanese 65 years ago however.

Google has the afron to argue that it could play a more useful role in China by participating than by boycotting it, but the evidence as far as I can see points otherwise as Reporters Without Borders agrees, describing the launch as "a black day for freedom of expression in China" and explaining that while they justify themselves by saying their presence has a long-term benefits, in truth "the internet in China is becoming more and more isolated from the outside world and freedom of expression there is shrinking."

Free Tibet says that Google endorses censorship and repression:"With this move, Google's motto 'do no evil' is in smithereens. This also further contradicts those political leaders who attempt to convince us that foreign business can change China for the better." It also decries the fact that "Google Earth" dosn't recognise the word Tibet.

As a brief recap, Beijing has hired thousands of web watchdogs to watch over the capital's cybercafés and internet service providers. Last year, Yahoo supplied data to China that was used as evidence to jail a Chinese journalist for 10 years while last wek ignoring the US government's demands to do likewise.

Let me end by offering...